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Thumbs Up BincoHaX for 1.48 [External]
Posted by: TheWolfOW - 09-25-2019, 10:46 AM - Forum: Hack's and Cheats - No Replies

Its ya boy with another release.
Simple outfit editor while in a clothes shop.
Just in case you want a Blarney's beer hat.


For instructions, refer to the video.

More information:

Made for 1.48.
Doesn't use any natives whatsoever.

I will explain how to use Bincohax and i hope this post get pinned or something,
here a picture of bincohax.


This is the link in case you cant see the image : https://imgur.com/BE3goG0

First you go to clothes store and enter any clothes menu like you are buying.

You start bincohax (admin rights) then you see a screen like that. The first thing to do is to click BOTH "update current" (yellow rectangle). And numbers will show up in columns. i will explain the colors :

NOTE: SECTION 1 (HEAD) and SECTION 3 (HAIR) on the left side are not used. For Hats you use Section 1. HEAD on the Right side

Red : this is your current outfit

Green : this is what you want to equip

For each section, there is 2 columns for owned (red) and 2 for new selection (green)

for example legs:

first column red is the model. second column in red is the variant of that model.

first column in green is the model you want to have. second column in green is the variant of that model you want.

You need to make sure to follow the clothing codes for MALE and FEMALE. They are different.

Lets say... Joggers. Joggers code is 59 (MAN) and 61 (FEMALE). and variant code from 0 to 9.

the model is 59/61. (jogger) Variant from 0 to 9 (color)

0. green - 1. Orange - 2. Purple - 3. Pink - 4. Red - 5. Blue - 6. Gray - 7. Tan - 8. White - 9. Black

so if you want Blue jogger for male character, you enter your choice in the green section : First green bar. Legs : 59. and 2nd green bar. 5

and you use this for all other clothing items. After you finish creating your outfit, you Click on BOTH Blue Selection " Apply Changes ".

you will see the codes that are in Green selection went to the Red selection and they became identical. You go back to GTA. open any sub clothes menu and close it. and Voila your character now have the clothes you chose.

Please note there are Blacklisted Clothes, even if you equip them will disappear if you die or reload the game. (example DUNCE Cap, Wireframe outfit etc...)

For codes and clothes ID, you can use this link (not all clothes included, but most used) : http://bit.do/eu2P6

Or you can use below images i found online with more detailed IDs (Not my work, found them online so im posting them) (make sure to use proper codes for MALE and FEMALE) (Top1 and Top2 can interchangeable, Top1 can become Top2 if you equip a vest on Top1, if only shirt then Top1 is used and Top2 is empty (15), Please note armour vests goes to armour section, they are not considered as Tops)

Top1 Part 1: https://i.imgur.com/m2Gflpf.jpg - Part 2: https://i.imgur.com/Wxx5n6g.jpg

Top2 : https://i.imgur.com/jKWZTf5.jpg

Legs : https://i.imgur.com/KWKqwAQ.jpg

Gloves : https://i.imgur.com/wPB4whc.png

Shoes : https://i.imgur.com/xCiqANl.jpg

Hats : https://i.imgur.com/0j4ZBpx.jpg

Masks : https://i.imgur.com/DakyiFA.png

Bags : https://i.imgur.com/n1LwMgI.png

Scarf : https://i.imgur.com/rgskuCa.jpg

Armour : https://i.imgur.com/38DHQbX.png

Glasses : https://i.imgur.com/MWXNZhh.png

Decals : https://i.imgur.com/RwbfhPV.png

You can use bincohax and enter codes randomly to test if there is linked clothes.

Clothes are always updated and it is hard to keep list updated.

You can google or ask here for specific ID if you cant find it, but you may test random IDs and see if you find what you want.

Hope its clear enough. Thanks

Credits to:polivilas

.zip   BincoHaXUI.zip (Size: 35.44 KB / Downloads: 1)

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Star LSCHaX for 1.48 [External]
Posted by: TheWolfOW - 09-25-2019, 10:41 AM - Forum: Hack's and Cheats - No Replies

Simple car editor while in modshop.
Also usable as a moneymaking method by changing cars to elegy custom.
Just in case you wanted to have a BeeJay XL with a bodybag on the seats.


For instructions refer to this video and follow it exactly.

More information:

Made for version 1.48.
Doesn't use any natives whatsoever.

Tested compatability:
Win7 SC
Win7 Steam
Win10 Steam

Useful links: 
Vehicle hashes
Vehicle colors
Vehicle blacklist

Credits to:polivilas
.zip   LSCHax.zip (Size: 18.66 KB / Downloads: 2)

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Thumbs Up GTAHaX for 1.48
Posted by: TheWolfOW - 09-25-2019, 10:36 AM - Forum: Hack's and Cheats - No Replies

GTAHaX for 1.48

Simple global variable editor.
UI version also has a stat editor.
Just in case you wanted to have two of the same property.

More information:
Made for version 1.48.
Doesn't use any natives whatsoever.
Do not mess with chip buying limit.
Bugs:None known.
Tested compatability:
Win7 SC

.zip   GTAHaXUI.zip (Size: 16.32 KB / Downloads: 0)

1.47 (1734) stats: https://pastebin.com/PXJfmSLg
Credits to polivilas

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Arrow BF3 Undetcted
Posted by: seeing - 09-20-2019, 10:50 PM - Forum: Battlefield 3 - No Replies

[Image: b52a785c49b617d0.png?width=963&height=448]
[Image: 1.png?width=962&height=409]


Attached Files
.zip   Battlefield 3(2)_protected.zip (Size: 18.62 MB / Downloads: 8)
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Posted by: seeing - 09-16-2019, 06:34 PM - Forum: Rules - Replies (1)

p0opCheats, Forum Rules & Guidelines.

Be friendly

Try and help rather than criticize

If you have a disagreement/argument do not flame

If someone breaks the rules, click the "Report" button rather than attack them

Search before posting. Always make sure to search before you create a new thread, your answer might already be answered

Official Rules.
No Advertisements.
Do not post links to sites if it is beneficial to you in some way. This also means no links or mentions of other hacks. While we are a community, we are also a business and cannot allow competing services to be advertised on our board. If you simply want to share an interesting site or page, that is fine, as long as it is not a site offering hacks or cheats, and you do not benefit by posting the link.
No discussion of other sites through PMs.
Please do not share links to competing hack sites, or advertise through PMs.
No False Information.
Do not provide false information, for instance suggesting a cheat is detected when it is not.
Reporting Bans.
If your game account/key is ever banned while using our software, please report it in the appropriate Ban thread found in the Communication only forum. Often bans are unrelated to our software, and when they are related it is best if all ban reports and information is kept in one place rather than being scattered around the board. We also prefer using one thread for all ban discussion as it allows us to post an update on bans once, rather than have to reply to multiple topics. For these reasons, threads related to game account bans will be archived or merged with other threads.
The General Stuff.
  • No warez or cracks, or infected files

  • No illegal content like stolen accounts

  • No porn (I know this is a tough one guys, but our host isn't okay with that kinda stuff)

  • No racism

  • No attacks on other board members or insults

  • No referral links

  • No like/reputation trading between members (Agreeing to give each other reputation/likes)

  • No bad signature or avatar content that breaks any of the above rules

  • No trading/selling between members

  • No scamming/hacking other members

  • No bumping (bumping is when a user bumps (post) on an old thread. Bumping is considered when a thread is older than one (1) week)

  • No spamming (meaning, don't go off-topic on a thread)

  • No advertisement of other private hacking websites

  • Issue, NO chargebacks, immediately after purchase.

Each rule violation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis so as not to unjustly punish a member for unknowingly breaking the above rules. Members who knowingly choose to not respect the forum rules will have more severe action taken against them.
Warning for minor rule violations

Temporary Mute (Cannot post for X number of days)

Permanent Suspension or Ban (For only the most egregious offenders who severely break our rules, our Terms of Service, or show continued disregard of our rules.)
If you have any questions regarding our rules, please PM any of the Staff.

                      Thank's for you understanding...

п0опЦчеатс, Форум Рулес & Гуиделинес.

. Бе фриендлы
. Тры анд челп ратчер тчан цритицизе
. Иф ыоу чаве а дисагреемент/аргумент до нот флам
. Иф сомеоне бреакс тче рулес, цлицк тче РЕПОРТ буттон ратчер тчен аттацк тчем.
. Сеарцч бефоре постинг. Алшаыс маке суре то сеарцч бефоре ыоу цреате а неш тчреад, ыоу ансшер мигчт алреады бе ансшеред.

Оффициал Рулес.
! Но Адвертисементс.
До нот пост линкс то ситес иф ит ис бенефициал то ыоу ин соме шаы. Тчис алсо меанс но линкс ор ментионс оф отчер чацкс. Шчиле ше аре а цоммуниты, ше аре алсо а бусинесс анд цоннот аллош цомпетинг сервицес то бе адвертисед он оур боард. иф ыоу симплы шант то счаре ан интерестинг сите ор паге, тчат ис фине, ас лонг ас ит ис нот а сите офферинг чацкс ор цчеатс, анд ыоу до нот бенефит бы постинг тче линк.
! Но дисцуссион оф отчер ситес тчроугч ПМс.
Плеасе до нот счаре линкс то цомпетинг чацк ситес, ор адвертисе тчроугч ПМс.
! Но Фалсе Информатион.
До нот провиде фалсе информатион, фор инстанце суггестион а цчеат ис детецтед шчен ит ис нот.
! Репортинг Банс.
Иф ыоур гаме аццоунт/кеы ис евер баннед шчиле усинг оур софтшар, плеасе репорт ит ин тче аппроприате Бан тчреад фоунд ин тче цоммуницатион онлы форум. Офтен банс аре унрелатед то оур софшаре, анд шчен тчеы аре релатед ит ис бест иф алл бан репортс анд информатион ис кепт ин оне плаце ратчер тчен сцаттеред ароунд тче боард. Ше алсо префер усинг он тчреад фор алл бан дисцуссион ас ит аллошс ус то пост ан упдате он банс онце, ратчер тчен чаве то реплы то млтипле топицс. Фор тчесе реасонс, тчреадс релатед то гаме аццоунт банс шилл бе арцчивед ор мергед шитч отчер тчреадс.
! Тче Генерал Стуфф.
Но шарез ор црацкс, о инфецтед филес.

Но иллегал цонтент лике столен аццоунтс.

Но порн (И кнош тчис ис а тоугчт оне гуыс, бут оур чост иснжт окаы шитч тчат кинда стуфф).

Н рацисм.

Но аттацкс он отчер боард мемберс ор инсултс.

Но реферрал линкс.

Но феферрал линкс.

Но лике/репутатион традинг бетшеен мемберс (Агрееинг то гиве еацч отчер репутатион/ликес).

Но бад сигнатуре ор аватар цонтент тчат бреакс аны оф тче абове рулес.

Но традинг/селлинг бетшеен мемберс.

Но сцамминг/чацкинг отчер мемберс.

Но бупинг (Бумпинг ис шчен а усер бумпс (Пост) он ан олд тчреад. Бумпинг ис цонсидеред шчен а тчреад ис олдер тчен оне (1) шеек).

Но спамминг (меанинг, донжт го офф-топиц он а тчреад).

Но адвертисемент оф отчер привате чацкинг шебситес.

Иссус, Но цчаргебацкс, иммедиателы афтер пурцчасе.

Еацч руле виолатион шилл бе евалуатед он а цасе-бы-цасе басис со ас нот то унйустлы пунисч а мембер фор ункношинглы бреакинг тче абове рулес. Мемберс шчо кношинглы цчоосе то нот респецт тче форум рулес шилл чаве море СЕВЕРЕ АЦТИОН ТАКЕН агинст тчем.
Шарнинг фор минор руле виолатионс.

Темпорары Муте (Цаннот пост фор Х нумбер оф даы)

Преманент Суспенсион ор Бан (Фор онлы тче мост егрегиоус оффендерс шчо северелы бреак оур рулес, оур термс оф сервице, ор счош цонтинуед дисрегард оф оур рулес.)
Иф ыоу чаве аны яуестионс регардинг оур рулес, Плеасе ПМ аны оф тче Стафф.

                                Тчанкжс фор ыоур ундерстандинг...

p0opCheats ، قواعد المنتدى والإرشادات.

تخضع القواعد للتغييرات دون إشعار. الأمر متروك لكم لتطلعوا على آخر التحديثات.

القواعد الارشادية.
كن ودود

حاول وساعد بدلاً من النقد

إذا كان لديك خلاف / حجة لا تشعل النار

إذا انتهك شخص ما القواعد ، فانقر فوق الزر "الإبلاغ" بدلاً من مهاجمتها

البحث قبل النشر. تأكد دائمًا من البحث قبل إنشاء سلسلة رسائل جديدة ، قد يتم الرد على إجابتك بالفعل

القواعد الرسمية.
! لا إعلانات.
لا تنشر روابط إلى مواقع إذا كانت مفيدة لك بطريقة ما. هذا يعني أيضًا عدم وجود روابط أو إشعارات للاختراقات الأخرى. بينما نحن مجتمع ، فنحن أيضًا شركة ولا يمكننا السماح بالإعلان عن الخدمات المنافسة على مجلسنا. إذا كنت تريد ببساطة مشاركة موقع أو صفحة مثيرة للاهتمام ، فهذا أمر جيد ، طالما أنه ليس موقعًا يقدم اختراقات أو خداع ، ولا تستفيد من خلال نشر الرابط.
! لا مناقشة المواقع الأخرى من خلال PM.
يرجى عدم مشاركة روابط لمواقع الاختراق المتنافسة ، أو الإعلان عبر PM.
! لا معلومات خاطئة.
لا تقدم معلومات خاطئة ، على سبيل المثال تشير إلى أن الغش قد اكتشف عندما لا يكون كذلك.
! حظر التقارير.
إذا تم حظر حساب / مفتاح اللعبة الخاص بك على الإطلاق أثناء استخدام برنامجنا ، فيرجى الإبلاغ عنه في خيط الحظر المناسب الموجود في منتدى الاتصالات فقط. غالبًا ما تكون عمليات الحظر غير مرتبطة ببرنامجنا ، وعندما يكون ذلك مرتبطًا ، فمن الأفضل أن يتم الاحتفاظ بجميع تقارير الحظر والمعلومات في مكان واحد بدلاً من أن تكون منتشرة حول اللوحة. نفضل أيضًا استخدام مؤشر ترابط واحد لجميع مناقشة الحظر لأنه يسمح لنا بنشر تحديث على الحظر مرة واحدة ، بدلاً من الرد على مواضيع متعددة. لهذه الأسباب ، سيتم أرشفة المواضيع المرتبطة بحظر حساب اللعبة أو دمجها مع سلاسل الرسائل الأخرى.
! الاشياء العامة.

لا ورز أو الشقوق ، أو الملفات المصابة

لا يوجد محتوى غير قانوني مثل الحسابات المسروقة

لا إباحية (أعلم أن هذا شخص صعب ، لكن مضيفنا ليس على ما يرام مع هذه الأشياء كيندا)

لا عنصرية

لا هجمات على أعضاء مجلس الإدارة الآخرين أو الإهانات

لا روابط الإحالة

لا يوجد تداول يعجبه / السمعة بين الأعضاء (يوافق على إعطاء سمعة / إعجابات متبادلة)

لا يوجد توقيع سيء أو محتوى الصورة الرمزية الذي يخالف أي من القواعد المذكورة أعلاه

لا تجارة / بيع بين الأعضاء

لا احتيال / القرصنة الأعضاء الآخرين

لا يوجد اهتزاز (الاهتزاز هو عندما يقوم المستخدم بالضغط (النشر) على سلسلة الرسائل القديمة. يتم التفكير في الاهتزاز عندما يكون مؤشر الترابط أقدم من أسبوع (1))

لا توجد رسائل غير مرغوب فيها (بمعنى ، لا تخرج عن الموضوع في سلسلة رسائل)

لا الإعلان عن مواقع القرصنة الخاصة الأخرى

المشكلة ، لا تكاليف الشحن ، مباشرة بعد الشراء.

سيتم تقييم كل انتهاك للقواعد على أساس كل حالة على حدة حتى لا تعاقب أي عضو ظلما بطريقة غير عادلة لخرقه القواعد السابقة دون علم. سيكون للأعضاء الذين يختارون عن عمد عدم احترام قواعد المنتدى إجراءات أشد ضدهم.
تحذير من انتهاكات القاعدة البسيطة

كتم مؤقت (لا يمكن النشر لعدد X من الأيام)

تعليق أو حظر دائم (فقط للمجرمين الأكثر فظاعة الذين يخالفون قواعدنا بشدة ، أو شروط الخدمة الخاصة بنا ، أو يبدون تجاهلًا متواصلًا لقواعدنا.)
إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة بخصوص قواعدنا ، يرجى مراسلة أي من الموظفين.

                      شكرا لك فهم ...









































p0opCheats, Forum Kuralları ve Yönergeleri.

Arkadaşça davran

Eleştirmekten çok yardım etmeye çalışın

Bir anlaşmazlık varsa / argüman alev yoksa

Birisi kuralları ihlal ederse, onlara saldırmak yerine "Rapor" düğmesini tıklayın

Göndermeden önce arayın. Her zaman yeni bir konu oluşturmadan önce aradığınızdan emin olun, cevabınız çoktan cevaplanmış olabilir.

Resmi kurallar.
! Reklamsız.
Bir şekilde size yararı varsa sitelere link göndermeyin. Bu aynı zamanda diğer kesmelerden hiçbir bağlantı veya söz anlamına gelmez. Biz bir toplulukken, aynı zamanda bir işletmeyiz ve rakip hizmetlerin yönetim kurulumuzda ilan edilmesine izin veremiyoruz. Sadece ilginç bir siteyi veya sayfayı paylaşmak istiyorsanız, bilgisayar korsanları veya hileleri sunan bir site olmadığı sürece, sorun değil ve bağlantıyı göndererek fayda sağlayamazsınız.
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! Genel sayfalar.
Warez, çatlak veya virüslü dosyalar içermez

Çalınan hesaplar gibi yasadışı içerik yok

Porno yok (bunun zor bir adam olduğunu biliyorum, ama ev sahibimiz bu tür şeylerle iyi değil)

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  [Release] BF3 Nexus v1.2 [by ZloyMihas]
Posted by: TheOzy - 09-12-2019, 03:04 PM - Forum: Battlefield 3 - No Replies

[Image: 2019-09-12_20-02-52.png?width=661&height=372]
[Image: 2019-09-12_20-03-24.png?width=659&height=372]
The functionality of the HACK:
- Crosshair
- Boxes
- Health
- Nametags
- Distance
- Lines
- No Breath
- Aimbot
- Aimbone
- - Aim keys
- - Enable/Disable Gui Flash
- No Recoil/No Spread
- Instant Bullet
- Instant Damage
- PBSS Blocker (Blocking PunkBuster screenshots)

How to use:
1. Start the game;
2. Run the hack;
3. Turn the game;
5. Close the hack panel by clicking on [x] in the upper right corner;
6. Expand the game, press the "Insert" key, then select and enable the desired functions with the Navigator arrows; 
7. PROFIT !!!

ATTENTION, on several Official servers (now running about 2-4 servers) You can agrisa and throw PunkBuster (for 0 minutes and it is not ban !!!!) due to the fact that the hack blocks screenshots. If you still want to play on these servers, then You should pay attention to AmireS Bot by ZloyMihas (in the same section, the functionality is smaller and a little more difficult to run, but the screenshots are clean )
SHA256: 469dcc3ab13cd5a06a12423d1c9e8b92f616e1c18a130574aa9c7413ea66f4a4
UNDETECTED: [12.09.2019]
.zip   bf3_zloy [theozy.site].zip (Size: 3.23 MB / Downloads: 11)

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  [Release] AmireS Bot [by ZloyMihas]
Posted by: TheOzy - 09-12-2019, 02:48 PM - Forum: Battlefield 3 - No Replies

To avoid distortion of ESP information and a comfortable overlay of the aero theme with hack visuals, I suggest using the “Screen hack” program, in addition, it also removes the frame of the game window. And now the MOST DELICIOUS - this hack DOES NOT block Punkbuster skinheads, they are clean and without any pale. How to use (ATTENTION !!! Who uses the resolution of the monitor 1920x1080, steps 2-4 are optional): 
1. Launch the game in windowed mode 
2. Launch the “Screen hack” 
3. Wait for the message that the “Screen hack” has earned ( a window will pop up about his developers) 
4. Without closing this message of the screen hack, minimize the game window (Alt + Tab) 
5. Launch AmireS Bot by ZloyMihas 
6. Expand the game window. 
7. Use the Alt + Tab keys to combine the aero window with the game window 
8. Press the “Delete” key (open / close the menu), enable the necessary functions with the arrows of the navigator. 
9. PROFIT))) I recommend that for the adequate operation of this hack (as well as the rest) to install ALL C ++ libraries
[Image: image_2.png?width=490&height=373]
[Image: image_1.png?width=494&height=373]

VT_Link [cheat]
Download hack: 
.zip   AmireS Bot [by ZloyMihas][theozy.site].zip (Size: 591.71 KB / Downloads: 7)
VT_Link [screen hack]
Download screen hack
.zip   screen hack [theozy.site].zip (Size: 242.19 KB / Downloads: 5)

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  [Release] BunkerMoney v3.0
Posted by: TheWolfOW - 09-12-2019, 12:59 PM - Forum: Hack's and Cheats - No Replies

BunkerMoney v6.0.3 for 1.48
Now Featuring Sick New UI
Does NOT work on Win8.1 (pls use Good ol' Win7 or better Win10 for goodness sake)

[Image: lKtgIRt.png]
Does Anybody even read the info when BunkerMoney Closes??

[Image: bunkermoney.png]

.zip   BunkerMoney.zip (Size: 15.27 KB / Downloads: 0)


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  MKO Multi Hack - External
Posted by: TheWolfOW - 09-12-2019, 12:49 PM - Forum: Battlefield 4 - Replies (1)

Hi guys,
I’ve found something on the next forum and i want to share the source.They have some features implemented like ESP, No Breath, No Recoil, No Spread, Aimbot and more. I will not detail much because I'm lazy, so you'll have to see for yourself.

The same thing: this is for 64 bit game version; compile with VS + SharpDx Libs v4.2; change code before compile to garantee your private hack; put game in bordeless mode and run exe as Administrator; focus on console window until it disappears; have fun.

- Download and Install Visual Studio 2017 or 2015. For now, only windows development options was required.
- Run Visual Studio
- Open Solution (MKO Multi Hack.sln)
- On Solution Explorer window, Right Click on project "MKO Multi Hack" and click on "Manage NuGet Packages..."
Restore SharpDX,SharpDX.D3DCompiler, SharpDX.Direct2D1, SharpDX.DXGI and SharpDX.Mathematics(version 4.2.0)
- Choose some methods to be renamed, create a few garbage methods but if you don't mind the risk to be detected and banned, you don't need do this step.
- Rebuild Project to create EXE file
- Launch BF4
- Go to "output" folder and run EXE file "as Administrator"
Thanks to:mko80

.zip   MKO_MHck_1_2.zip (Size: 163.61 KB / Downloads: 1)

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Brick [Release] Simple No Spread/Recoil
Posted by: TheOzy - 09-12-2019, 03:05 AM - Forum: Battlefield 4 - Replies (1)

[Image: 2019-09-12_08-00-07.png]

A simple program that removes the recoil and spread, run as administrator.
Now if you disable the program recoil and spread included back.
Does not use any overlay, does not harm fps.
SHA256: 3753068f5531f1f73369dcd5636d0194d801933b66c444e13d53fac806c6354b
UNDETECTED [12.09.2019]

Attached Files
.zip   p0op_bf4_NoSpread_Recoil [theozy.site].zip (Size: 2.86 MB / Downloads: 12)
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